Wednesday, March 22, 2023

SPARC Tribblix m26 - what's in a number?

I've just released Tribblix m26 for SPARC.

The release history on SPARC looks a little odd - m20, m20.6, m22, m25.1, and now m26. Do these release versions mean anything?

Up to and including m25.1, the illumos commit that the SPARC version was built from matched the corresponding x86 release. This is one reason there might be a gap in the release train - that commit might not build or work on SPARC.

As of m26, the version numbers start to diverge between SPARC and x86. In terms of illumos-gate, this release is closer to m25.2, but the added packages are generally fairly current, closer to m29. So it's a bit of a hybrid.

But the real reason this is a full release rather than an m25 update is to establish a new baseline, which allows me to establish compatibility guarantees and roll over versions of key components, in this case it allows me to upgrade perl.

In the future, the x86 and SPARC releases are likely to diverge further. Clearly SPARC can't track the x86 releases perfectly, as SPARC support is being removed from the mainline source following IPD 19, and many of the recent changes in illumos simply aren't relevant to SPARC anyway. So future SPARC releases are likely to simply increment independently.

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