Monday, February 25, 2013

1.0 - jkstat, kar, jproc, and solview

After working on them for ages, I've finally released JKstat, KAR, JProc, and SolView as version 1.0.

There are not many changes, no earth-shattering new features, actually very little has changed. And that's largely the point - development has slowed, and what's there is largely stable and unlikely to change. So it's time to call it 1.0 and have done with it.

A second reason is that there are a number of changes that I would like to make, that require incompatible change. There are changes in Solaris and the open-source Illumos derivatives that would make JKstat in particular incompatible, and I would like to migrate to a more recent Java as a baseline. So the 1.0 versions (and any micro releases to fix problems) will remain compatible with Solaris 10 and Java 5, while new development will focus on a forthcoming version 2.0 that will require something newer than Solaris 10 (possibly compatible with recent Solaris 10 updates) and will jump to Java 7.