Friday, November 18, 2005

Quest for small server continues...

I'm still working on my quest for a small reliable server.

I was just reading Richard Elling's blog entry on RAS and the X4100/X4200 servers. You should read this - blindingly obvious design features like not putting heat generators like disks in the airflow path for the CPUs. But he also says that most thin servers don't need more than 2 disks. Perhaps this is why I'm having so much trouble finding a server to fit my requirements!

Oh well, having exhausted Sun's catalog, I'm now looking at the likes of the HP DL385 or the Dell PE2850. Both of these are listed in the HCL, which is pretty much essential as I would naturally be running Solaris on the machine.


Jaimec said...

Err, the X4200 can take 4 Disk Drives and, the X4100 can also take 4 disk Drives IF you louse the DVD-ROM (be carefull because you have to order the correct chassis).
With the hability to mount the DVD remotelly (via the DVD/CD in another PC or an ISO image on another Disk) I don't think you'll need the DVD in the machine anyway.
PS. Has a note, my blogger account is a dummy one Would you consider to open your comments?

Jaimec said...

Ops, just continued to read and I found out you already knew this. Sorry

Peter Tribble said...

Well, yes, the X4100/X4200 support 4 internal drives, which I regard as the minimum for a genuine server. The problem in this case is that I'm after more capacity than Sun's current 73G ceiling will handle, but not enough to make it worth looking at an external array.

It's unfortunate that there's a significant gap between internal storage capacity and external array capacities, and I'm currently slap in the middle of that gap.

(And it will be interesting to see how the storage landscape evolves as ZFS gains traction, as it tilts the balance back towards JBOD.)

Oh, and I'm sorry about shutting down anonymous comments, but spam is too much of a pain.

Jaimec said...

when Sun did us the presentation of the Galaxyes, everyone in the room "complained" that Sun servers had to little Disks. So, I expect it to change soon.
Anyway, the official Sun offer for such a need as yours would be the StorEdge S1 but, that would pretty much cost the same as another machine and it would be hard to justify, ...