Saturday, November 19, 2005

Properly connected

For a long time now, we've had a broadband connection to the internet, but we only had the main home PC hooked up.

No longer! I'm typing this from one of my home Sparc machines running Solaris.

What took me so long I'm not sure, but I finally went and ordered a little cable router (a non-wireless version, which seem to have vanished completely from the shops in favour of wireless models which cost twice as much and I can't take advantage of). Put in the Setup CD, follow the instructions, and it was working. Connect up my Sun, tell it to use dhcp, and I'm online.

I love it when things just work!

Now to find some really long cables to connect the machines upstairs...

1 comment:

Solaris10 said...

Keep up the good work peter. I also have one of those at home, is a linksys(wireless). Works like a charm. Keep us posted.