Monday, November 14, 2022

Tribblix for SPARC m22 ISO now available

I've made available a newer ISO image for Tribblix on SPARC.

This is an m22 ISO. So it's actually relatively old compared to the mainstream x86 release.

I actually had a number of random SPARC ISO images, but for a while I've had no way of testing any of them. (And many of the problems with the SPARC ISOs in general is because I had no real way of testing them properly.)

Arrive a newish T4-1 (thanks Andy!), and I can now trivially create an LDOM, assign it a zvol for a root disk and a ISO image to boot from, and testing is trivial again. And while some of the ISO images I have are clearly so broken as to not be worth considering, the m22 version looks pretty reasonable.

In terms of available application packages, it exactly matches the old m20 release. I do have newer packages on some of my test systems, but they are built with a newer gcc and so need a proper upgrade path. But that's going to be easier now too.

There is a minor error on the m22 ISO, in that the xz package shipped appears to be wrong. To fix, simply

zap install TRIBcompress-xz

and to update to the latest available applications (the ISO is early 2020, the repo is middle of 2021)

zap refresh
zap update TRIBlib-security-openssl
zap update-overlay -a

The reason for updating openssl on its own is that a number of applications are compiled against openssl 1.1.1, so you need to be sure that gets updated first.

Next step is to push on to something newer.

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John Carr said...

I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty excited about this, as I've been feeling the itch to get back into Solaris on my Sparcs again. Running the BSDs are stable, but also a bit sterile.

I don't see it anywhere on the site anymore (if it was there in the first place; last I checked was a few years back). What models/architectures are supported currently? I'm assuming sun4m is right out... or is it?