Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tribblix Milestone 1

An updated release of Tribblix is now available for download.

This version is built from the same base as the initial release, namely OpenIndiana OI151a7, so is whatever version of Illumos that corresponds to.

Milestone 1 adds Xfce, Firefox 16.0.1, emacs, python, cmake, and AfterStep.

Despite all the additional software, the ISO image isn't much larger than before, due to significant improvements in the way that the ISO is constructed. Essentially, there was quite a bit of duplication on the ISO of files that were already in the ramdisk.

Tribblix is still a long way from production ready, but for everyday office use it's got a decent desktop, an editor, and a web browser, so that's a fair fraction of the workload covered.


Ganapathy S Avathan said...

An office pkg (openoffice or libreoffice?) would make it complete!

Peter Tribble said...

Indeed, an office suite is a major missing piece. The old OpenOffice for Solaris should work; I'm working on getting LibreOffice built, but it's a long hard slog.

Anonymous said...

cool work - will try to install today...