Monday, October 20, 2008

Refactored JKstat

As I mentioned about a month ago, both JKstat and SolView were in line for some major refactoring.

I've done a bit of a spring clean on JKstat, so there's a new version - 0.25 - which has a lot of the cleanups and shuffling about that I had in mind. The class hierarchy has been restructured, code cleanup continues, and the more complex demos have been moved to SolView. The restructuring also allows the easy construction of a jar file containing just the API, so you don't need to drag in all the bloat associated with the browser, gui components, and demos.

The associated SolView release will follow shortly.

And thanks to Mike Duigou for a bunch of helpful fixes and suggestions!

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Entry 23 Eco of Kristofer said...

Great work with the tool sets. I've just played around with SolView on OpenSolaris x86, and it is really useful for a Sun newbies as myself.

It would be nice to make it launch quicker and maybe integrate with some common administrative methods if the values found are unexpected.

Thanks for sharing! :)