Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Solview Updated

I've updated my solview utility to version 0.3.

What is solview, I hear you ask? It's a little java gui to show useful information about a Solaris system. It shows installed software packages (and installation software clusters); services and their status; and the output from various informational commands.

This new version enhances the package and cluster information. It's split up into several tabbed panels, and now shows cluster membership, the installed status of clusters, and can calculate full dependencies.

What happened to version 0.2? Well, that version included a rather spectacular failure to enhance the software display by parsing the contents file. I expect it is possible to get java to extract useful information from this file without running out of memory, but I didn't succeed in doing so. So that attempt got scrapped and I moved on to version 0.3.

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