Thursday, February 09, 2006


Rounding up a few loose ends:

The OpenSolaris Visual Panels project has now started. This really interesting stuff, especially from my viewpoint of developing SolView and JKstat. I agree with JC Van Nieuwenhoven's comment - that managing Solaris with a GUI is a pain - and it's good to see efforts underway to fix this.

(One thing I would say, though, is that good GUIs aren't just for novices. While I might know the 16 arcane commands to configure something, would I rather have a good gui and press 1 button? If it was a good gui, yes!)

Following on from my application profiling to see if a T2000 would be a good thing, I found this article that explains a little bit more about what sorts of behaviour might throw off the statistics. Based on this, I think my machine is spending a lot of time in memcpy.

I also notice that the Ultra 45 workstation lists a 146G SAS drive as an option. I can't see this on the published price lists for the X4x00 or the T2000, but I hope it's on its way as it would help address one of the problem areas I've been having for a while.


Jaimec said...

I went to read the "Just the Facts" (Sun partner only, sorry) for the Ultra 45 and I saw that the 146GB SAS disks are 3.5 inches so, they wont fit in a X4X00


Peter Tribble said...

Bother. So I get a T2000 with 4 internal 73G drives and hope everything will fit...

(Although the thought of an Ultra 45 itself is attractive - just the second power supply missing.)