Friday, June 10, 2005

V250 EOL?

Looking at the Sun V250, I've just noticed that it says No Longer Orderable.

What's going on? The V250 is actually one of Sun's better machines. It's the only tower server they had in their lineup, and the only machine with a decent amount of internal disk capacity.

So basically Sun are only interested in customers with expensive datacenters with exclusively rack servers and separate storage arrays. And I haven't seen anything to indicate that they're going to introduce anything else into their lineup.

It's hardly surprising that Sun are struggling to grow sales if they keep reducing the market segments their hardware addresses.


postwait said...

I don't equate a $59 rack with an expensive datacenter. We have our V280R and a whole slew of dual Opterons mounted in 19" relay racks that cost next to nothing.

In my opinion, the rackmount units are constructed much better and easier to work. Sun learned their lesson with the e250 and e450 which were AWFUL AWFUL case designs.

tarpon said...

If Sun won't build it, you can always buy a Dell.

Sun doesn't seem to understand when you bring a rack into a real estate office, something just doesn't fit in with the decor.

DEC had the same basic rack and stack strategy, it worked out well for DEC.