Thursday, October 28, 2010

AfterStep, piewm, tvtwm, and friends

Following on from earlier work, I've made available some AfterStep packages for Solaris.

Then, I tried some of the twm variants. I started with ctwm and vtwm, and then moved on to tvtwm and piewm. Then I hit a problem - piewm didn't work. It was choking somewhere in the lex parser, so refusing to load any config, so no menus or anything. It's based on a older version of tvtwm and, rather than attempt to learn lex and fix that, I had a go at simply adding the pie menu support to the latest version of tvtwm (tvtwm-pl11), and that turned out to be pretty easy.

So my merged source, boringly named ptvtwm, is available from here, as are the usual Solaris packages. The packages include piewm and tvtwm derived from ptvtwm, as well as ctwm and vtwm, along with a private copy of xli so that tvtwm/piewm can load a background picture.

That's quite a lot of Window managers, so I've put together a list of package window managers.

That's essentially it for now. I'm hoping to get Xfce packaged up, but there are a fair number of prerequisites that Solaris doesn't have (or has antiquated versions of) so the packages end up being pretty huge. I'll get there, but haven't yet got a build I'm happy to let out.


Alex said...

e17(enlightenment) is a whisker away from being released. Do you think you will tackle that ?


marcdw said...

Tried both Window Maker and AfterStep on OpenIndiana.
They both run fine but then I discovered I can't configure anything in AfterStep.
It seems that ASRun is segfaulting.

I don't have gdb as this is a fresh
install of OI (attempting to upgrade
OpenSolaris snv_111 to snv_134 to OI was a
bear and a pain so I just started from

Anything I should look for?

Unknown said...

I'm not sure when my last comment was, almost a year maybe.
Anyhind I still have a problem with AfterStep's ASRun utility. After upgrading to OpenIndiana oi_151a I decided to give AfterStep a try again. As before I still can't configure anything as ASRun segfaults.

Any pointers as to why this is?