Sunday, October 04, 2009

SolView 0.48

It looks like my SolView 0.47 announcement was a tad premature. Testing was somewhat incomplete.

Version 0.48 fixes the problem, and is now available.

(The technical goof I made is like this: the solview wrapper script sets things like the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and CLASSPATH. However, if you just run solview with no arguments it pulls the CLASSPATH out of the jar file manifest instead. I had updated the wrapper correctly, but forgotten the manifest. I normally run the individual views in isolation, so hadn't noticed that one of the jar files was missing, resulting in the process view generating a stack trace rather than the useful output it was supposed to.)

So, to anyone who grabbed 0.47, you'll want to get 0.48. Sorry about that.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, great tool, I´m using the v.0.63 on a E450 with Solaris 10. Simple to use and very usefull. Thx for your work.