Sunday, October 18, 2009

SNMP from java - updated

I've just uploaded Jangle 0.05, a minor update to my graphical java snmp client.

It's not just graphical now; I've added an snmpwalk subcommand to walk the snmp tree from the command line.

There's also the normal clutch of bug fixes and general code improvements.

One thing I've been playing with is trying to automate discovery of relationships. The snmp information is stored in a tree, but the last two nodes in the tree are inverted. Consider ifInOctets as an example: it has a child node for each interface, as does ifOutOctets. So just looking at ifInOctets gives you a list of interfaces, whereas what you really want is to generate a list of interfaces and then get all the data for that interface. You can get this by parsing MIB files, but I would like to be able to do this just by looking for patterns in the OID tree, and then look at the MIB afterwards to describe the structure. (One thing I want to avoid is having to ship all the MIBs for every possible device.)


benr said...

Sweeeeeeeet! Looks awesome Peter!

snake007uk said...

Do you have anything like this for Linux? or are all your applications purely Solaris based?

Peter Tribble said...

Jangle works fine on Linux - I use it on Ubuntu, for example. Provided you've got java it should work fine on anything.

The only thing that varies between different systems is where the MIB files are located. If it doesn't pick them up automatically then you can load them manually from the File... menu, and if I know of a new location I can easily add that to the search list.

(Most of my other stuff hooks into native Solaris code, but this has no such dependencies.)