Tuesday, December 16, 2008

End of an era

A year ago, the dominant computing platform in the Tribble household was the Sun workstation.

OK, so only one - my W2100z - was anything like modern, with an old Sun Blade 1500 and a couple of antiquated Sun Blade 150s used by the children.

Over the summer, the Sun Blade 150s got retired - one replaced by the Blade 1500, the other by a new laptop.

Then I was fortunate enough to get a decent enough PC free, which has replaced the Sun Blade 1500.

(And don't worry, it's set up to dual boot Windows and OpenSolaris).

So I finally sold the Sun Blade 1500 today, and the house no longer has any Sparc workstations.


Anonymous said...

I replaced my Sun workstations with VMWare VMs earlier this year. It feels weird not having them handy, but boy my apt is SOOOO much quieter!

Paul said...

Yes, its very sad. Our final SPARC systems are a pair of T5120's -one on each ship - hopefully they will be reliable. Didn't realise you could have multiple lines in /etc/defaultrouter, so thanks for that :-)

BTW, we still have Sun Blade 150 and 1500 systems in front line service!!