Thursday, August 28, 2008

JKstat meets the ZFS ARC

Recently, Ben Rockwood posted a useful script to display ZFS cache statistics.

Now, all it's doing is grabbing kstats, so it wasn't much of a stretch to put together a new version of JKstat that has a new demo to display the ZFS cache statistics. Try

jkstat arcstat
(Requires OpenSolaris, Solaris Nevada, or Solaris 10 8/07 or later to actually have the kstats to display.)

This release of JKstat is a bit rough, as there are a few other things I was working on that aren't neatly finished off yet, but I thought it worth putting out just for the arcstat demo - any comments and suggestions for improvement would be gratefully appreciated!

So, download JKstat now - and here's a little snapshot of the new demo:


Luca Morettoni said...

Great program!! I'm working at another graphics system (based on shell scripts and RRD tools), it's very simple, but usefull for sysadmin I think!
Keep in touch ;)

Eric said...

Way cool! This will surely come in handy often.