Thursday, April 10, 2008

T5240 - disks and more disks

One of the things I've complained about in the past is the lack of internal drives in Sun servers.

The X4150 was interesting, in that it had 8 drives in a 1U chassis.

So I'm impressed with the T5240. 16 drives in 2U. Wow! I like it.

Now why didn't the X4450 do that?


ben said...

Once they have 300GB SAS discs available, it'll be amazing. I suspect they need all those spindles to keep it fed with data from the discs.

However, what with massive memory capacities, perhaps we'll see a trend to storing everything in memory, and just using discs as a way of preserving it over power loss?

Using FBDIMMs is unfortunate though, as the more modules, the higher the memory latency.

You could squeeze a few more discs in there. It'd be nice (especially on the X4150) to lose the DVD drive and put a couple more discs in. Maybe even slow SATA ones if you don't want to put another disc controller in.

Bert said...

i don't think the sixteen drive backplane is shipping yet, but eight internal drives isn't bad!