Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring Clean and Upgrade

I've been doing a bit of a spring clean and upgrade on some of my home systems.

The family PC had its memory doubled. It's survived 3 years with only 512M, which ought to be enough but it's obviously running out. We use fast user switching so there are usually 4 people logged in. That shouldn't be so bad, but it implies 4 web browsers and they guzzle memory like it's going out of fashion. I also replaced the broken DVD-ROM with a working dvd writer.

I think it's the first time the case has been opened for 3 years. And it was filthy inside, so it got a thorough vacuuming.

Next step was a couple of Sun workstations. I use one for OpenSolaris development, and I shuffled that up from build 55 to build 59. I also took a gamble on rebuilding one of the children's systems from an essentially unpatched FCS version of Solaris 10 to the latest Solaris Express release - the same build 59. Only complaint so far is the placement of the tab close buttons in Firefox 2 versus Mozilla.

Next step - run Nexenta using the VMware player.

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Matt said...

You can tweak the tab close buttons in Firefox 2 a bit. Type about:config in your URL, filter on tabs, then change the browser.tabs.closeButtons value to 0-3. I like 3.