Monday, January 22, 2007

Sun, Intel - friends?

OK, so Sun and Intel made a big fuss about some deal or other (one which doesn't really set the pulse racing, mind). What I found ironic was the ticker underneath the main feature on the Sun home page, where they put the knife into Itanium.

I remember Sun recently selling a number of Intel powered systems. The LX50 was a nice box - even if it was pushed with SunLinux. The V60x was OK, but I quite liked the V65x, and that sort of system (6 internal drives) is something that would be quite valuable. And the B200x blade was quite a marvel - twin hyperthreaded Xeons and a decent memory configuration in a tiny package.

I expect closer collaboration will improve driver support for Solaris, but I'm also hoping for a wider range of systems designed for Solaris to give us a breadth and variety of system configurations that Sun themselves seem disinclined to supply.

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