Thursday, October 19, 2006

Network Corruption?

I've just started seeing corrupted files on one of my X2100 M2 boxes. The visible indication is that I'm unpacking gzipped tar files from an NFS mounted disk, and was getting crc errors and invalid compressed data. Testing indicated that if I used rcp to transfer the files then I was also getting corruption. (I can check the md5 signatures, rather than just rely on gzcat to barf.) There wasn't any other evidence - I'm not seeing corruption of local files (basically, of Solaris itself), nor any network errors on the machine or the switch, and it's just the one machine that's affected.

How to test? SunVTS runs on Solaris x86, so I tried that out. Which wasn't encouraging:

INFO: Host System identified is "X2100 M2"
This Platform is not supported by SunVTS.

However, if I edit the platform.conf file it does at least run. And, so far, no memory or network errors.

Mind you, the errors I was seeing earlier seem to have disappeared...

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