Thursday, February 10, 2005

57 up

So I now have 57 machines running Solaris 10, including most of our compute farm.

The latest machine was our mail server. It's a complicated beast, running postfix, spamassasin, amavis, sophos, sophie, clamav, freshclam, pop, imap, pop-before-smtp, gld, mysql, TLS, SASL...

You get the idea. It's a fairly complex setup. And it's all managed by smf. We're going to do a little writeup of this - stay tuned!

We did have one glitch. Looks like lockd (the nlockmgr service) doesn't always register properly with rpcbind. This caused command line mail clients like mail and mutt running on older machines to hang. (Solaris 10 clients were fine because they're using NFSv4 which handles the locking itself.) Having identified this, a quick

svcadm restart svc:/network/nfs/nlockmgr:default

brought everything back to life.



Maina Noa said...

Hay peter, when are you posting your progress on postfix mail server setup.I ma waiting to learn some stuff from you.

Great work you are doing for the Sun Solaris Community.



Peter Tribble said...

So people can find it, even though it's starting to look a little dated, our smf writeup is here: