Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sun starts to roll out OpenSolaris - Computer Business Review

A nice article: Sun starts to roll out OpenSolaris - Computer Business Review which makes some important points.

It's also balanced. Regarding Sun's CDDL vs. the GPL:

Obviously, many people like this viral nature, and many people do not.

There's room for both, and anyone should be free to choose whatever license suits them.

We're mentioned:

The exact nature of the OpenSolaris community is a bit of a mystery. Goguen [Sun VP] says Sun had already established a pilot community, which will be the core of the community to start.

We've been working on this for months. It's been fun. It's still fun. I think it's fair to say that the community being established on the pilot is pretty varied.

Simply sign up and you're in.

Unfortunately it's not quite as simple as that. As I mentioned, Sun have put together a decent bunch of people with a wide range of interests, and we've all had to sign an NDA, and Jim Grisanzio tries to keep us in some sort of order. And true believers get in on the pilot as well. Look at the blogs listed on the opensolaris.org site when it goes live and you'll see us amongst the Sun folks.

"The goal is to do Solaris development in a community-centric way," says Goguen, "but not to compromise the quality and testing that goes into commercial Solaris."

Absolutely. One of my core requirements is that the core values of Solaris not be thrown away. That's not to say that the process isn't going to involve change, or that people outside Sun won't be able to do things with OpenSolaris that they couldn't do previously.

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