Monday, January 31, 2005

Journalistic Nuggets

In Sun opens up Solaris 10 code, we get

As predicted by, Sun Microsystems has officially opened up the source code for its Solaris 10 operating system.

Some prediction. Sun have been shouting this from the rooftops for months, so trying to take the credit seems overly keen.

Meanwhile, HP's Unix strategy 'still needs work'. They have one, right?

Mind you, the Linux market to exceed $35bn by 2008. Boy - and it's supposed to be free?

(And let me remind you that Solaris can be free as in beer and speech.)

Going back to big numbers, I was intrigued by the snippet in an InformationWeek article:

There are about 300,000 Solaris developers worldwide.

Now, I know we've been arguing all along against this stupid idea that we don't exist, but I'm not sure even we would claim that many developers! Where did they get that number from, I wonder?

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