Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tribblix Turns Three

It's a little hard to put a fixed date on when I started work on Tribblix.

The idea - of building a custom distribution - had been floating around my mind in the latter days of OpenSolaris, and I registered the domain back in 2010.

While various bits of exploratory work had been going on in the meantime, it wasn't until the autumn of 2012 that serious development started. Eventually, after a significant number of attempts, I was able to produce a functional ISO image. That was:

-rw-r--r--   1 ptribble 493049856 Oct 21  2012 tribblix-0m0.iso

The first blog post was a few days later, but I'm going to put October 21st as the real date of birth.

Which means that Tribblix is 3 years old today!

In that time it's gone from a simple toy to a fully fledged distribution, most of the original targets I set myself have been met, it's been my primary computing environment for a while, it's proving useful as a platform for interesting experiments, and I'm looking forward to taking it even further in the next few years.

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