Monday, January 24, 2011

New year, new JKstat

I've been quietly working on JKstat, and have just released another update, version 0.43.

I wasn't actually aiming to cut a release at this point, there are still a couple of things I'm working on. But I needed to get some fixes into KAR, and didn't want to push out a KAR release with an unreleased version of JKstat in it, hence a synchronization release.

Realistically, JKstat has largely stabilized. So it's more a case of fixing odd bugs (the network load demo wouldn't display anything if you resized it, and guessed the network speed wrong), adding features like stepping backwards in the browser when reading KAR data, and cleaning up the javadoc. Little features like keeping all the statistics underneath a chart, so that when you add another statistic to be graphed it shows the historical data rather than starting from the current time. Nothing earth-shattering, but (hopefully) making JKstat better.

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