Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enlightenment packages for Solaris

As I mentioned earlier when talking about Window Maker, I've been hoping to find time to get some other window managers packaged up for Solaris.

OK, so Enlightenment packages are available. Just to be clear, these are e16, not some cut of the current development branch. (I'm having a look at the EFL beta, trying to get it to work on Solaris.)

As with wmaker, these packages should install fine on Solaris 10 (some reasonably current update, anyway) and OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana. They should appear as session options on the login screen, and they should basically work. But this isn't something I use extensively, and there are almost certainly rough edges.

The packages include imlib2, e16, libast, Eterm, and themes. They all go together, so there's just the one package. This all installs directly into /usr, which is fine as there aren't any conflicts with anything that ships with Solaris.

While I like playing with shiny toys such as enlightenment, I never really got on with it - the behaviour was always slightly interesting, and I found the themes overly fussy, And speaking of themes, a whole bunch of themes for e16 are available, and a lot of those are quite polished.


Gnu_Raiz said...

Excellent work I am glad you are taking the effort to try to give OS/OI some options when it comes to window managers.

I am curious as how hard would it be to get say rox filer and openbox to work with OS/OI? I find that to be a good combination as I really like rox as it fits with the Unix way of doing stuff. I find Gnome to be too much like M$, and I do like KDE but like a smaller install and memory usage.

Shmerl said...

Nice! Do you plan to add it to OpenIndiana repository too?

Peter Tribble said...

@Gnu_Raiz - I have openbox on my list, I quite like it, but there's a few more prerequisites (or newer versions thereof than come with Solaris 10) to work out. Need to tale a look at rox - it's not something I'm familiar with

@Shmerl - I don't control the OI repo, but someone could easily import the packages

Christopher Ruwe said...

I know that is not a distro effort ... but enlightenment is an ideal desktop environment for a project named Illumos.

cheers, Christopher