Thursday, September 30, 2010

SolView 0.54

Actually, this was supposed to be about version 0.53 of SolView, but 0.54 has the fixed JProc which is quite handy.

Apart from that bugfix, SolView now sports a number of useful refinements.

The localprofile subcommand generates a jumpstart profile that will (approximately) match the current system. So on my desktop:

# ./solview localprofile
cluster SUNWCXall
cluster SUNWCapache delete
cluster SUNWCapch2 delete
cluster SUNWCappserver delete
cluster SUNWCbreg delete
cluster SUNWCfsmgt delete
cluster SUNWCiq delete
cluster SUNWCmcdk delete
cluster SUNWCmip delete
cluster SUNWCnet delete
cluster SUNWCpcmc delete
cluster SUNWCpgadmin3 delete
cluster SUNWCpmgr delete
cluster SUNWCpostgr delete
cluster SUNWCpostgr-82 delete
cluster SUNWCpostgr-82-dev delete
cluster SUNWCpostgr-83 delete
cluster SUNWCpostgr-83-dev delete
cluster SUNWCpostgr-dev delete
cluster SUNWCrm delete
cluster SUNWCservicetags delete
cluster SUNWCsip delete
cluster SUNWCsmap delete
cluster SUNWCsmc delete
cluster SUNWCsppp delete
cluster SUNWCswup delete
cluster SUNWCtcat delete
cluster SUNWCwbem delete
cluster SUNWCwsdk delete
cluster SUNWCxmft delete
cluster SUNWCzebra delete
package SK98sol delete
package SKfp delete
package SUNWast delete
package SUNWcnsr delete
package SUNWcnsu delete
package SUNWfac delete
package SUNWfwdc delete
package SUNWfwdcu delete
package SUNWipplr delete
package SUNWipplu delete
package SUNWjato delete
package SUNWjatodmo delete
package SUNWjatodoc delete
package SUNWjsnmp delete
package SUNWluzone delete
package SUNWlvma delete
package SUNWlvmg delete
package SUNWmcon delete
package SUNWmcos delete
package SUNWmcosx delete
package SUNWmctag delete
package SUNWosdem delete
package SUNWpdas delete
package SUNWrmwbr delete
package SUNWrmwbu delete
package SUNWsra delete
package SUNWsrh delete
package SUNWtnamd delete
package SUNWtnamr delete
package SUNWtnetd delete
package SUNWtnetr delete
package SUNWwbpro delete
package SUNWwebminr delete
package SUNWwebminu delete
package SUNWxorg-compatlinks delete
package SUNWxwslb delete
package SUNWzfsgr delete
package SUNWzfsgu delete

Actually, there's a little bit missing from the above, which is what another new subcommand - missingpackages - will show, namely the list of packages that should be installed to meet dependency requirements but aren't:

# ./solview missingpackages
missing package SUNW5xmft needed by [SUNW5xfnt, SUNWjxplt, SUNWhkfnt]
missing package SUNWcxmft needed by [SUNWcxfnt, SUNWcscgu, SUNWjxplt]
missing package SUNWfsmgtr needed by [SUNWdmgtr, SUNWdmgtu]
missing package SUNWfsmgtu needed by [SUNWdmgtr, SUNWdmgtu]
missing package SUNWjxmft needed by [SUNWjxcft, SUNWjedt, SUNWjxplt]
missing package SUNWkxmft needed by [SUNWkuxft, SUNWjxplt]
missing package SUNWluzone needed by [SUNWzoneu]
missing package SUNWlvma needed by [SUNWlvmr, SUNWmddr]
missing package SUNWpostgr-82-client needed by [SUNWpostgr-upgrade]
missing package SUNWpostgr-82-libs needed by [SUNWpmdbdpg, SUNWpostgr-upgrade]
missing package SUNWpostgr-82-server needed by [SUNWpostgr-upgrade]
missing package SUNWwbcor needed by [SUNWdmgtu]
missing package SUNWwbcou needed by [SUNWdhcsu, SUNWdmgtu]
missing package SUNWwbpro needed by [SUNWdmgtu]
missing package SUNWzlibr needed by [openofficeorg-ure]

Now, some of those are install errors on my part (I ought to have killed all the postgres packages), but some are just due to wrong dependency data.

Continuing a bit of a theme, disks, networks interfaces, processors, packages, and clusters are sorted.

In the jumpstart profile builder there's quite a lot more polish. Version 0.52 added automatic recursive removal of packages, but the new version fixes a number of minor display issues - the checkboxes update instantly, clusters properly reflect their status if all their constituent packages are added or removed, and the profile appears automatically when you go to the profile display tab. And if you're fed up, you can start over without exiting. All in all it's now much easier to use.

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