Sunday, September 05, 2010

JKstat 0.41

Updated versions of JKstat are coming out more frequently than I would like at the moment. I think I'm done and move on to something else and find I need to add some new feature.

Having just finished 0.40, which implemented Comparable to make sorting easier, I went through more of the code - including the demos included, and those in SolView - to look at how they sorted (or, in some cases, failed to sort where they should have) their output. This led me to make a slight change to the jkstat api, which cleaned up a little of the code.

The data stored by a Kstat is a simple key-value hash.The original implementation exposed this internal data structure - you simply got access to the internal Java Map. This always felt slightly ugly, exposing internal implementation details. So that's been changed. There's a new Kstat.statistics() method, which simply returns a Set of the statistic names. This is really what clients want, rather than getting the hash and getting its keys, which is what they did before. Furthermore, in almost every case you want the list of statistic names to be sorted, so rather than everyone getting the list and sorting it themselves, it's backed by a TreeSet and is already sorted. The original getMap() method is gone. Removed. That's why we're not yet at version 1.

This version also includes a couple of samples using JStripChart, as shown in an earlier blog entry

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