Saturday, August 21, 2010

Which snmp on Solaris?

I've just updated Jangle, my java based snmp viewer. Just a presentation tweak: the tree and list now show user-friendly names. For example, ifInOctets rather than (Well, I find it easier to read, anyway!)

To be useful, you actually need to be running snmp on the machine you wish to monitor. Which leads me to a question: on Solaris, do you use the system supplied snmp daemon?

And if you do use the system one, is that just for convenience or do you use any of the extra functionality that it provides?

I know that I simply wipe out all the supplied snmp and sma stuff and put my own build of net-snmp in its place.


Garrett D'Amore said...

I'm very interested in the answers to this question. Please let me know what the findings are.

Ade said...

SMA, for the NET-SNMP functionality with the convenience of a stable version and updates via OS patches.

Martin said...

I use my own home knitted net-snmp as the one delivered with Solaris if waaaaay too old