Sunday, May 09, 2010

JKstat 0.37

So JKstat now reaches version 0.37, with the usual spread of minor fixes, enhancements, and new features.

One enhancement is the extension to 64-bit. For JKstat itself, there's no need to run it in 64-bit mode, but I need 64-bit libraries to allow JKstat to run inside a 64-bit JVM. One example of this would be SolView, which would have to run in 64-bit mode to show the sizes of 64-bit processes using JProc.

A new feature is the ability to generate png images directly from the cli, using input such as the kstat -p archives used by kar.

One of the minor fixes this time is to support the recent 1.3 release of JavaFX . It looks like JavaFX isn't binary compatible between releases, so code needs to be rebuilt to match whichever version you're using, which is a shame. Also, this version optimized away some of my method calls and I needed to fool it into not doing so.

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