Sunday, February 14, 2010

OpenSolaris Community Reports 2009-2010

With the end of this year's OGB term coming up, I just sent out the following request for reports to various mailing lists. Historically, we've not been very good at reporting what we're doing in the OpenSolaris community, and really need to do better.

There is a lot of work taking place in the OpenSolaris community. In order to inform the OGB, the rest of the community, and those outside our community of all the work that's being done, the OGB seeks to collect reports from the communities, projects, and user groups that make up our community.

For the 2009-2010 period, we seek brief (presentation style, one-page would be ideal but don't force it if this doesn't fit) reports from all community groups, projects, and user groups, highlighting their achievements. We aim to combine them into a single presentation that could be used by others. If there is additional material - video or images, or full presentations, we would like to know about that too.

Some templates you may wish to use are available at:

Some suggested details that could be included:

Communities: projects that have been newly sponsored or completed, and events or meetings that have occurred

Projects: aims, new features, build number if the project has integrated

User Groups: number of attendees, frequency of meetings, involvement with other groups or events

Please reply directly to me by email.

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