Friday, February 19, 2010

Nominations for the 2010-2011 OGB now open

The OpenSolaris Governing Board is now accepting nominations for candidates to run for the OGB term starting April 2010. Anyone registered with an account on the website is eligible to be nominated, even if not currently recognized as a Core Contributor or Contributor to any existing community group.

Nominations should be e-mailed to (please make sure you either use the web forum or subscribe to the mailing list first to avoid getting caught in the spam-filter/moderation queue - use the forums or sign up at

Nominations must submitted by a current Core Contributor - those who are interested in running may nominate themselves if they are a Core Contributor already (see the current lists of Core Contributors on, or send mail to the mailing list asking for a Core Contributor to formally nominate them if they are not a Core Contributor.

Those who are nominated by others must send mail to ogb-discuss accepting their nomination.

All candidates will be required to submit a statement before the election containing "a list of their commercial affiliation, or other interests related to OpenSolaris, so that a voting member can understand the context from which they would act on the OGB and the likely biases they would bring."

The deadline for submitting and accepting nominations will be 23:59 in the US/Pacific timezone on Monday, March 1. Statements from nominees are due before the start of voting, which is scheduled to begin at 00:00 on Monday, March 8.

Nominations and acceptances will be tracked during the nomination period using the OpenSolaris bugzilla at in the "ogb" product under the "nominations" category.

More information about the OpenSolaris elections and governance can be found at:

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