Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tinkering with the SVR4 packaging source

Take one look at the SVR4 packaging source in Solaris/OpenSolaris and it's clear that it's suffering from serious neglect. It's old. It's fragile. It's had stuff bolted onto the side over and over until it's a wonder that it works at all.

Yet, it's survived for the best part of two decades and every Solaris system uses it.

I recently had to fix up some packages on Solaris 10 that were in the deadly embrace of webstart. If you tried to remove them with prodreg, it said "oh no, you must use pkgrm", yet when you tried to use pkgrm it said "oh no, you must use prodreg".

So, we have access to the source, right? And, while I could have manually gone in and wiped out the errant packages by hand, I had a look at the SVR4 source to see if I could put together a version that actually did what it was told.

This was pretty easy. It took a little effort to get enough together that would compile cleanly on Solaris 10 again. And, having done that, and solved the initial problem, I did a bit more tinkering to remove some of the more obviously redundant code and apply some of the performance improvements that are sorely needed.

After thinking up a meaningless acronym, I've made the code I have available here: SPRATE. You're free to use it; anyone feeling masochistic enough to work on it is free to contact me.

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