Sunday, October 18, 2009

OpenSolaris Constitution Update

The OpenSolaris Constitution is known to have a number of flaws. It's not well matched to the way the community actually works; it conflates local functional roles with global governance roles; and it's relatively long and complex.

At the last annual election, a revised constitution was proposed that aimed to eliminate those shortcomings - greatly simplified and separating governance from operations. It failed to pass. (Only narrowly, but it failed.)

The current OpenSolaris Governing Board decided early in its term of office that we would again offer a revised constitution to the OpenSolaris community, after taking an opportunity to correct any errors or issues that community members might be concerned about.

As announced, revisions to the constitution are now available for comment, and we invite all interested OpenSolaris community members to send us their comments. (Reviewing the release notes would be a sensible starting point.)

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