Saturday, September 26, 2009

JProc 0.2

I've been doing a little more work on JProc - a java jni interface to the Solaris procfs filesystem - to make it a little more complete and robust.

This has reached a convenient stopping point, so I've released version 0.2.

There are a couple of features that have been lifted from JKstat, namely the idea (and parts of the implementation thereof) that it's useful to manage a Set of processes as a unit, and that it's useful to be able to filter on process characteristics.

As a start, I've added filtering by user and zone. The demo application now has dropdown lists of users and zones, so you can select processes owned by a user, or running in a specific zone (or both) interactively. (They don't currently update as the list of users and zones changes - that's work left for the future.)

I've also added lookups of username, group, and zone name. This is a simple jni interface to getpwnam and friends.

One other feature I added was to convert a project id to a name. This proved rather more entertaining, as I discovered that the lookup functions are buried off in libproject rather than libc. While that of itself isn't necessarily an issue, libproject drags in quite a lot of subsidiary libraries. While in normal use they use lazy loading so that you don't drag in the extra libraries until you need them, it looks like jni drags them all in regardless. I'm not sure how useful project name/id lookups are going to be, so I may simply remove that bit of functionality.

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