Friday, May 15, 2009

Reports from the community for CommunityOne

The OGB will be at CommunityOne in a few weeks. If you would like to get involved, there's still time (just) to register - OpenSolaris will have a big presence!

On the Monday, June 1st, we're holding a Town Hall at 6pm, and we invite any and all members of the OpenSolaris community to come along, meet us, talk to us, give us feedback about OpenSolaris and how we the OGB can help in making the OpenSolaris community better.

(It's somewhat unfortunate that there's something else going on at 6pm that involves free alcohol or something like that. Hard choice, huh?)

As part of the OGB presence at CommunityOne, we're looking to display reports from communities, projects, and user groups that make up our community. What I'm thinking of here is lots of individual highlight slides we can put on display boards (so they ought to be self-contained on a single page). Bullet points, and pictures make it look better. I'll also put them all together into a single presentation (we might have that running in a permanent loop on a screen, for example) that anyone can take and use.

Longer term, I see this as a first run of a regular reporting process. The OpenSolaris community is doing great work, and we ought to all be aware of the great work that's going on and highlighting our achievements so they're more widely known.

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