Friday, February 27, 2009

JKstat 0.27

I pushed out JKstat 0.27 a few days ago. This is just a minor update to 0.26.

I've been playing with the client-server mode a little, and while the basic code hasn't changed it's now a bit cleaner. I added a jkstat.bat and have been running the client on a Vista laptop quite successfully. I also enabled the ability to embed the client inside tomcat in addition to running the basic XML-RPC webserver.

I also fixed a regression spotted when I updated SolView. I had changed the name of the shared library in 0.25, but 0.26 had the old name again. The reason is simple forgetfulness. I develop on an x86 machine, which normally isn't a problem, but if I do any work on the native code then I need to copy across to a sparc machine to do a recompile. I did that just before uploading, and must have forgotten to copy the final version back to my development system. Doh!

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Anonymous said...

Peter this is fantastic!!! Thank you so much for continuing to not only develop JKstat but really innovate with it!