Sunday, June 15, 2008

JKstat, SolView, Awards

I've released new versions of JKstat and SolView.

In JKstat, I've added Kstat aggregations. These are used in an enhanced cpustate demo to show the aggregate cpu statistics of a multithreaded core, or a multicore processor. This also needed me to work out how the various cpu kstats were related, so I knew which cpu corresponded to which thread and core of a complex multithreaded/multicore system. (A version of psrinfo naturally fell out of this as something I needed for testing.) There are a couple of new charts - for cpustate and the netload demo.

For SolView, I've added access to the logfiles for SMF services, and also a tree view of the SMF services. The tree is based on the service naming hierarchy, not the dependency tree, and is an experiment to see if that's a useful description of the services (as opposed to a straight list that's a couple of hundred lines long).

These are the entries I've submitted to the OpenSolaris Community Innovation Awards Program, and I'm hoping for some success there.

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