Friday, May 09, 2008

Living in the Ghetto

Where I work is very much a pure Microsoft shop in terms of user environment - ie. desktops.

(The company makes its money using real Unix servers.)

I'm one of the very few who actually run Solaris on a Sun workstation. And, yes, sometimes I feel like I'm being pushed into a ghetto.

A world where you have to talk to Microsoft Exchange to read your mail, which means Outlook Web Access (which, frankly, is a shockingly poor attempt at being a mail client); where you're sent documents in Office 2007 format that you can't read; where half the company intranet simply doesn't function. Catering to those of living outside the walls simply isn't in Microsoft's world view, it would seem.

So, given the list of features, I'll have to grab the OpenOffice 3 beta and give it a try.


oneguynick said...

Totally Agree, I run OpenSolaris on a Blade 1500 and feel like a stranger. You get better support for most stuff running Debian on the same box. Guess Sun doesn't want the old timers to stay on this architecture

sergiusens said...

I know what you mean when you talk about IT in general when it comes to desktops and intranet support (and by support I just mean interoperability).