Tuesday, March 11, 2008

OGB: expectations

It's clear that the OpenSolaris community isn't in a particularly healthy state. While there's a lot of real work being done, the community is dogged by infighting - not to mention a distrust of Sun and its motives.

Part of this comes from a lack of clarity and focus. In particular, we're guilty of not even setting expectations, let alone meeting them.

Without clear expectations, we have a problem - everyone in the community makes up their own expectations of what they can achieve and what everyone else should be doing. All those expectations are going to be different, and everyone is going to end up frustrated and disappointed.

So one important thing the incoming OGB is going to have to do is to set everyone's expectations appropriately. People (and Sun) need to understand what can and can't be achieved - even if an accurate setting of expectations means they're quite low to start with.

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