Sunday, March 25, 2007

JKstat 0.15

I've made a new version of JKstat available.

There are quite a few changes underneath. I'm very grateful to Tom Erickson for sending me a bunch of enhancements and fixes. Some of them made it into this version fairly directly - particularly the sorting of kstats in the browser.

This version has also been revamped and now requires Java 5. I had been thinking about modernizing the code for a while, but had always put it off. Tom again provided the impetus, as he went ahead and used generics in the fixed version he sent back to me. I reimplemented it myself, so I could actually understand what I was doing to my code.

I actually went and rewrote solview first. This was a useful exercise in itself, as one of the advantages of using generics is that it makes you think harder about the way you define classes and how your code is structured. In solview I was in the middle of cleaning the code up to define Solaris packages and install clusters as proper objects, and using generics made sure I actually got that right.

JKstat was also accepted as an OpenSolaris project, so I'm going to be moving development over there soon.

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