Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A new use for a D1000 array

I found a new use for a D1000 array last night.

We bought a pallet-load off eBay a while back. We only actually needed one, but the whole pallet was no more expensive. So the first one got used for the purpose for which it was bought, and I've used a couple more filled up with old drives to test ZFS and the like.

We just piled the rest up in a store-room.

Which is where they had stayed for a few weeks harmlessly gathering dust.

Last night I went in there to look for some cables, and was somewhat annoyed to find that the door wouldn't open when I tried to get out. The lock release did absolutely nothing.

What you have to understand is that this was an old comms or server room. So that's a security and fire door in my way. No windows. No phone. My mobile is on my desk. It's almost soundproof as well, and it's getting late.

I did manage to attract someone's attention as they were passing in the corridor, and we tried all sorts of tricks to get the stupid door to open, with no success.

Eventually I piled all the D1000s up and stood on top of them. (Which just goes to show that buying quality kit is always worthwhile. You try this trick with cheap kit and it will fold under the weight.) Originally I was hoping to get into the false ceiling and work my way through, but even that was a bit of a stretch and very cluttered.

Eventually we took out the panel above the door and I got out that way.

See, I knew this old kit would come in useful some day!

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