Wednesday, September 27, 2006

T2000 - past the first roadblock

Just got past the first roadblock with my loan T2000.

Plugged it in, powered it on, and got no network connectivity.

That's odd. All the lights look fine on both the T2000 and the switch. But I can't get the link to come up properly. I get

Timed out waiting for Autonegotation to complete
Check cable and try again
Link Down

So I pull it out of the foundry switch and into a cisco. And then I get

100 Mbps full duplex Link up

OK, it's a shame that I can't get it working at gigabit but at least I can jumpstart it now, and I'll worry about getting it running at full speed later.


mathie said...

I'm badly out of touch with such things, but I thought autonegotiation was notoriously unreliable? Actually, my brain seems to think it was particularly between Sun & Foundry kit, but ICBW...

Peter Tribble said...

There was a time when autonegotiation occasionally failed, but all of the problems I've had this millennium until this one were caused by someone disabling autonegotiation on a switch - which is guaranteed to cause problems.

It's odd, becuase there shouldn't be any problems with autonegotiation at gigabit. It's sufficiently mature technology that it's pretty much guaranteed to work. Even when it fails, what you normally end up with is a mismatch - not a total failure to bring the link up at all.