Sunday, July 30, 2006

Self Preservation

It's been unpleasantly warm here in the UK over the last month. I'm sure other places have it hotter, but we're not used to it and not geared up for it.

I have some old work colleagues who I set up some systems for, and I got an urgent phone call just before going on holiday: "the air conditioning failed yesterday and the power in the data centre was unceremoniously yanked - could you check the systems out?".

It turns out the servers - Sun machines - were fine. With a fine sense of self preservation they had shut themselves down gracefully due to the heat:

Jul 19 18:00:14 foobar rmclomv: [ID 690426 kern.crit]
SC initiating soft host system shutdown due to fault at MB.T_ENC.
Jul 19 18:00:15 foobar rmclomv: [ID 222544 kern.error]
SC Request to Power Off Host.
Jul 19 18:00:16 foobar rmclomv: [ID 428258 kern.crit]
TEMP_SENSOR @ MB.T_ENC has exceeded high soft shutdown threshold.

So far, all appears to be well, and I haven't seen any further errors.

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