Friday, June 09, 2006

Ultra 25

So where did the Ultra 25 come from? I don't recall any product announcement or big splash.

Still, that's not much of a surprise really, as the machine doesn't look too impressive. Only a 1.34GHz chip, which is slower than the SunBlade 1500 it presumably replaces.

I also note that the operating systems it supports include

Solaris 9 (Available September 2006)

Does this mean that there's going to be a new hardware release of Solaris 9 in September?


Anonymous said...

Yup, I would assume Sun is going to release a Solaris 9/06 HW release to support this box. The next obvious question is this - will the 9/06 HW release of Solaris also support the Ultra 45?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there are plans to enable TSOL 8 (Trusted Solaris 8) to run on the Ultra 25? As far as I know, there is no HW platform to use now that the Sun Blade 1500 is gone.

Peter Tribble said...

You can still get the SunBlade 1500 (and 2500, 2000, 150, and W1100z and W2100z) from Sun, as remanufactured systems. In some cases these are a better bet than the newer systems.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that these parts are disappearing quickly. Anyone that needs to support applications which run on TSOL 8 are snapping them up as fast as they can. Granted, this isn't a huge market, but it seems to be enough to dry up all the available supplies. My suppliers have already sold all new units and are down to a limited supply of refurbished ones. I was hoping to find a more long-term, sustainable solution. I can't afford to stockpile parts in the event that I may need them someday.