Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Sun Boxes

So now we know what the new Sun servers are like.

And I'm pleasantly surprised. There are a couple of things that I feel are positive here:
  • The entry level box, the X2100. This makes a nice addition to the range. Yes. it's dumbed down, but you don't always need all the features - sometimes you just want a server.
  • I'm pleased to see the two configurations of the X4100. You can get this in either a 2-disk (plus DVD) or 4-disk variant. I like the 4-disk variant. Often, a local CD is just a waste of space and money, and I like having decnt local storage (read more than 2 disks - so you don't have to worry about quorum in a 2-disk configuration, and you can have some space to put data for a data base or some such locally). It's amazed me that the V210 (and the V1280, even) only allow 2 internal drives.

OK, so the range is still a little thin, but that's effectively twice as many variants as I was expecting, and I like the look of all of them.

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