Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Keeping Busy

Having finished the last job, I'm at home for a while.

Not entirely idle, though. We've been to a theme park, I've started to sign on, and I've been looking at an odd little NFS problem for some former colleagues.

I've also been going through my CD collection. No, not the musical one! The pile of Sun CDs for Solaris, Java, and all the other bits of software that Sun have made that I've got the media for. After all, how many copies of the StarOffice 5.2 CD do you need? I brought my whole stock home, and have managed to prune it quite considerably.

My next project is to skim through all the sysadmin books I've got, reminding myself of what it used to be like, and what obscure things I'm supposed to know all about but nobody in the 21st century actually uses any more.

(On the first page of the first book, it tells me the key responsibilities of a Systems Administrator. High up on the list is formatting floppy diskettes. Say what?)