Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yikes - had to log out!

Finally had to throw in the towel and log out of my workstation (a SunBlade 2000 with 2 gig of memory) this morning.

There's obviously a memory leak somewhere. I had Xsun up at 2G, mozilla up at 2G, several gnome items (especially the panel) were at half a gig. Restarting the clients didn't free any memory in the X server, and the whole box was starting to grind.

So I had to log out to get Xsun to restart. Mind you, the machine had been up (and still is) since Feb 2nd - and I had been logged in that long. That's when Solaris 10 came out, so it's clear that stability isn't an issue.

Thinking back over the last few years, that's probably the longest I've been logged in continuously. Simply because, as a beta tester, I would upgrade or completely rebuild the box every month or two.

And, unless the first update to Solaris 10 arrives real soon, the next time I log out is likely to be on my last day as I turn out the lights.

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