Friday, April 08, 2005

Sun shooting themselves in the foot

So Sun recently announced that they're going to restrict access to certain sunsolve features and the system handbook to contract (paying) customers only.

Frankly, this is daft. This is a valuable resource that is also highly valuable to potential customers. Sun is telling them to take their custom elsewhere.

Not only that, I'm a paying contract customer and I'm locked out. What on earth are they trying to do here?

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suncellar said...


What on earth are they trying to do here?

My first reaction.

I guess, several things. Please note, I am not a Sun watcher, and these opinions are based on an individual outsiders view, I am an unlicensed sun reseller.

Faced with competion from Microsoft and other server hardware manufacturers, they are trying to stop their dealer infra-structure from collapsing.

Without support information, potential new customers and unlicenced resellers will be hit.

Unfortunately, this will cause a short-term collapse in Suns growth and second user prices, devaluing the product and brand.

This slide should stop eventually, with luck.

Maybe Sun has a spectacular restructuring in mind.

Additionally, the days of free information on the web are ending for specialised high tech users.

The information is valuable and it will be charged for.

In conclusion, the results of this move will extend the decline of Sun until they can come up with something to restore the lead they had in the early days.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing risk that this could be seen as a panic move, made from weakness, not strength, and Sun stock will slide slowly to eventual collapse (but a take over is more likely); the market may think the end is in sight.

On my own interests, I view change as opportunity, and I am gathering my pennies to buy top class Sun equipment at throw away prices.