Sunday, March 13, 2005

What a week

Man I'm tired.

Just spent the week in Palo Alto, officially meeting up regarding the Solaris 10 beta program, so got to meet up with a lot of the Solaris engineers again and talk Solaris, which was fantastic.

Also managed a bit of OpenSolaris activity while I was there, meeting up with some of the Sun people on the project (thanks for lunch, Jim!), but also having a great evening with Ben Rockwood.

I learnt a lot, thought a lot, and it's going to take time to digest it all. But first I must get some sleep.

[And find some warmer clothes. It's warmer here now than when I left a week ago (so it's above freezing), but as anyone in the Bay area knows it's been sunny and very warm all week, making a nice change.]

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