Saturday, March 05, 2005

Getting the next bus

So, according to Microsoft and Intel, The Time For 64-Bit is Now.

Strange. We got our first 64-bit Sun back in 1996. We were running 64-bit Solaris on 64-bit sparc cpus in 1998. I think it's 5 years since we had any 32-bit sparc systems running (they largely got canned in the Y2K work - although we did have one or two Ultra 1s or E150s running in 32-bit mode for the first year or so of this millenium). We've been doing 64-bit for years.

Of course, most of our x86 systems are stuck in 32-bit mode, but not my Sun W2100z, which is 64-bit. And damn quick with it.

They might have missed the bus first time around, but you just have to wait awhile and another one turns up.

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